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Bloodstone and Green Jade Bracelet

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Jade Bracelet

You will love the energy and good luck you will get, when you wear this beautiful bloodstone and green jade bracelet. This genuine gemstone bracelet is made with genuine bloodstone beads and small square light green jade gemstones.  This jade bracelet is finished off with a beautiful genuine sterling silver heart toggle that will never tarnish. The bloodstone in this bracelet is 100 percent genuine and is an intense healer; moves energy well; increases courage, decreases grief, fear, anger, irritability and sadness. Not only that, but bloodstone is great for strength, courage, purification and increases vitality.  Green jade is great for increasing health and abundance, it is a stone of fidelity, luck and helps to remember dreams.  Not only that, but this jade bracelet energy will it increase prosperity and help to heal and balance the heart chakra . This jade bracelet is a great healer for the fourth chakra.


SOLD OUT!  Please let me know if you would like a bracelet similar to this one!!!





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